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Stop! Really, Stop!


Do you get to the point where you are so rich and/or famous that no one will tell you the truth?


I’m reflecting on Britney Spears’ breakdown, when she was acting a straight-fool, but even her parents were on the payroll, so it seemed that no one would speak up.


Let’s consider Kenny Rogers face lifts.  No one thought to tell him “you gotta know when to hold ’em, and know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away…”


Or what about when artists decide it’s time for one more album?  Is there someone brave enough to say, “Boo, it’s over.”  Or are we going to see certain artists rapping behind a walker?  I just believe that if Will Smith said he was leaving acting to drop another rap album, Jada would intervene immediately.  Don’t you?


I ask all of these questions because I don’t understand how Kanye doesn’t have one person in the whole freaking world that will tell him to stop designing clothes.  Immediately.  Have you seen his latest “collection?”


No offense to the homeless, but….

And is a person really supposed to pay $2,000 for one outfit to look this way?  Where are they going?  Really, to where do you wear this?  Aren’t Kim ad Kanye close enough at this point where she can lean in close to him after dinner while looking at pictures of the clothes and sweetly whisper, “Baby, stop.  Just stop.”



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