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Get Yo Mind Right


Every summer, I would spend my school break in East Texas with my grandparents.  I’d return baked from the brutal, Texas sun; spoiled from that special grandparents-love; and sassier from the lack of discipline. Within a few hours of returning home, I’d always do or say something that would cause my mom to utter, “I’ma have to get yo’ butt back in line. Don’t think you are still in Texas. Get yo mind right li’l girl before I gotta get it right for you.”

My childhood experience isn’t that unusual. Grandparents oftentimes transport their grandkids into a false reality — a world where there are no spankings, no rules, no consequences, a world where the word “no” doesn’t exist, a world where they are made to feel as if they are the most deserving, perfect beings on this earth…


…somewhat like Trump supporters. Am I the only one who thinks that Trump has a lot of folks on a similar “Grandparents High” right now? Am I the only person who has had a few experiences with suspected Trump supporters who are talking to you with the bravado of a kid who has  spent the summer eating Lucky Charms for dinner at Grandma’s house?



For instance, just recently, I was pulling into the gas station when a woman was pulling in from the other direction.  I signaled for her to go ahead and take the pump that we both seemed to be heading towards (I really didn’t’ need gas, and was just going to get some while my son ran inside the accompanying store to get a Gatorade and some chips).  I started to back up so I could park.  The woman-at full ‘pissed off’ speed- pulled into the tank and started yelling , “Idiot,  there is a proper way to enter the gas station. Dumb ass!”  Now I know all of you are going to send me private messages about what you would have done — cause trust me, I would have done differently too if I were outside the situation and not living the situation.  But when I was living the situation I honestly was in momentary shock. She was clearly out-matched. This woman was at least 15 years older, 50 pounds fatter (and I am purposely saying fatter because 50 pounds bigger, with muscle would be a different story)) but she was clearly angry after I had been nice to her and seemed to be damn-near beggin’ for a confrontation.

Confrontation doesn’t scare me; crazy does.  And I think Trump has gotten folks temporarily insane.  I believe this woman watched a Trump-rally, left to get a ¼ tank of gas, a pack of Marlboros, a bag of Funyuns and a gallon of Caribbean Orange Hawaiian Punch and saw me in a truck that was 10 years newer than her car and immediately “knew” that I got it ‘cause I stole a job from a White man due to Affirmative Action.  Thanks to Trump’s big talk and screaming about taking his country back, this woman — who had never thrown a punch, except the 7 minutes she did the Richard Simmons video back in 1986 —  thought she could take me down.


I can somewhat understand: tequila and Karaoke makes me think I can sing; a good dress with lots of Spanx makes me feel like a size 4; but none of those perceptions gets my ass whooped.  This poor woman is in danger because that day she just happened to meet the right woman on the right hormone day.

This woman isn’t an anomaly. Lately, from one of my neighbors to a guy at the grocery store, there have been a few incidents that make me think that some White folks are feeling like MMA fans at a Connor McGregor fight.  So, this is directly for my White sisters and brothers because I don’t want permanent damage to come from a temporary situation.

  1. Trump has Security

When Trump talks all this mess against Latinos, Women, Muslims, Filipinos, etc. understand that he is under TIGHT (the best) security. It would be almost impossible for ANY harm to come to him.  You, on the other hand Becky, can get your ass kicked.  You, Michael, you can get fired.  If you so admire that Trump “says how he feels” and you are going to start emulating him, then please ensure that you are independently wealthy (in other words you don’t need to work where you are working or because of the power of social media—anywhere else). You should also have 24-hour security like Trump.  So don’t talk shit just because your posse is around that night.  What about next week when you are at the Piggly Wiggly by yourself?  Ouch!  Now What?!

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  1. We Ain’t going Nowhere

Let’s say Trump wins, do you think that “poof” all minorities are going to disappear?  Monday morning when you show up for work, all the minorities with whom you work are still going to be there.  That wall that some of you are so excited about is going to take years to build.

  1. This Isn’t The Good Ol’ Days

Black folks ain’t what we used to be. See “weez free now and weez knowz it.”  So be fully prepared for legal, physical, social, economic resistance.  Let’s just say that it won’t be easy. You think that the Black Lives Matters Movement marches, have been inconvenient—that’s just a taste of this resistance buffet.


  1. He Ain’t Winning

The primary reason you guys are acting so ridiculously is fear.  One of the reasons that you are scared is because you are losing power and numbers. That’s also one of the reasons you are going to lose.  Your leader has pissed off too many groups of people off.  The numbers you need to get him elected are just not there.


  1. Then the Cat’s Out of the Bag

So, after Trump loses, he will still be rich.  Where will you be?  Will things be better for you after Trump’s campaign?  This is the thing: every single person, wrong or right, will judge you for the rest of your life for supporting Trump.  You can not be seen simultaneously as a proponent of civil rights and a Trump supporter by most. And we won’t like you. Some stuff you just can’t come back from; you can’t just get on the other side of history.

In summary, “get yo mind right!’

My intention is for Black people to love themselves and each other. It sounds somewhat silly, I guess; but oftentimes my people are overwhelmed with negative images, bad news, and stereotyped characters about us. I’d like to flip that script. I’d like to remind us, as often as I can, how incredible we are. Read more


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