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Abracadabra: The Playbook for White, Wealthy Males Makes Accountability Disappear


The generous dolling out of second chances and flimsy excuses to White males like beads at a Mardi Gras Parade has made me more nauseous than the parade’s over-intoxicated attendees.  I’m seriously going to vomit the next time a White male is gifted with the “boys will be boys” excuse, as if having a Caucasian scrotum is the new hall pass for despicable behavior.


Where is this playbook that is being used?  Is it, secretly distributed to all White, wealthy males on their 18th birthdays, wrapped in thick white tissue paper with the instructions to only open should they get into a “bit of trouble?” The word-wizardry certainly seems to be formulaic; and the language tribal.  Key phrases and words are used as a call to other members to protect the accused.

When Brock Turner, A Stanford student, was on trial for raping a fellow student, his father wrote in a letter to the judge, “In hindsight, it’s clear that Brock was desperately trying to fit in at Stanford and fell into the culture of alcohol consumption and partying,” Mr. Turner went on in his plea that his son get probation instead of any jail time, “That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.”

Abracadabra . . . now rape merely equals “action.”  The White judge, a Stanford graduate, sentenced Brock to a mere 6 months in jail (he served only 3).


Then when Ryan Lochte, an Olympic swimmer urinated on and vandalized a business, lied about a robbery and then fled Brazil, the Rio Olympic spokesperson, Mario Andrada responded, “I do not expect any apologies from him or other athletes are needed. They were trying to have fun, they came here and represented their country, trained for years, competed under gigantic pressure.  I understand this issue is under investigation. Let’s give these kids a break. They made a mistake. It’s part of life.  Life goes on.  Give these kids a break” because “sometimes you take actions that you later regret.”

Abracadabra . . . now a 32 year-old man is merely a “kid.”  Lochte got a contract to be on the television show “Dancing with the Stars” shortly after his crime and subsequent lies were discovered.

Rio police say Ryan Lochte lied about gunpoint robbery

Then we get to the Republican candidate, Mr. Donald Trump (or “the Donald”), who recently was discovered bragging about hitting on a married woman, and kissing, groping and grabbing the pus#$ys of women. He went on to say that “when you are a start, they let you do it.”

He explained his behavior away be saying that is was simply “locker room talk.”

Abracadabra . . . now lewd threats of sexual assault equals mere “locker room talk.”

On Monday, GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence went on to say that he believes Donald Trump is telling the truth when he says that the lewd remarks Trump made about women over a decade ago were “only words.”

Abracadabra . . . . now admissions of predatory infidelity are “only words.”


But, be clear that Black women have a dictionary too.  It’s fed to us over time by other Black women.  It’s called the dictionary of keeping it real, completely “one hundred.” With this dictionary we call a thing– a thing.

These first three men, and many like them, are lying, despicable pigs who should be held accountable for their bullish actions.  Allowing them to use their Dick-tionary to make molehills out of mountains, pariahs out of victims, and victims out of perpetrators is plain wrong.  Accordingly, this White, wealthy male privilege is complete bullshit that has created a culture that demands zero accountability.

A dick and a Citibank black card should not give you the right to assault, degrade and evade.

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Do I sound angry?  I am.

I am a Black mother who jumps on her boys for the tiniest infraction because I know that there are no second chances for them.  They won’t ever be given the luxury of being seen as kids, childish, simply drunk or troubled; but as thugs, predators, criminals.  Their Black skin constrains them.


Whereas the privileged white males will be deemed innocent even when the videotape proves them guilty, MY sons won’t be considered guilty even when the tape proves them innocent. I know my 15-year-old will be looked at more harshly than a 59-year-old Trump or a 32-year-old Lochte.

I’m a woman who is watching a wife being held accountable not for her own behavior, but for her husband’s indiscretions.

I am an American who knows that a lack of accountability for some will lead to a lack of decency for all.

Abracadabra . . . the trick will be on us.
Tevor Noah Sums it Up

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