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My 9 Take-Aways From the Bruno Mars Concert



  1. Prince was a bad-ass!

Bruno Mars does not hide his love for and respect of Prince.  When Bruno Mars plays his guitar, sings and performs, you are gifted with a small taste of Prince (and I’ve been hungry since his passing).

  1. Live music with real musicians is the best.

Nothing beats music that is being created by actual, real, live musicians.  Imagine that!-


  1. Nothing beats talent and hard work.

If Bruno Mars were to walk past any of his concert attendees at the grocery store, no one would notice him.  He’s short, extremely short in fact, with a curly afro, and a skin tone that could be ascribed to several races.  He’s pretty, but in an unassuming way..  For his show, he may have been the most casually dressed person at his show:  He wore Bermuda shorts that most tweens through adults would call J. Crew-preppy.  Yet, he was undeniably the star.  He got to where he is today based on his obvious talent and years of hard-work.  That is unusual during today’s era of video-ready, perfect-looking stars; and a testament to how extraordinarily talented Bruno Mars is.

  1. Stars need to give some tickets to those who got them there.

I’m sick of going to concerts and sporting events, where Black stars are shining and there are barely any Black people in the audience.  I go to sporting events and see White business men, whose corporations have secured season tickets, oftentimes sitting half-interested, watching games that would be a dream come true for so many others.  Unfortunately, the fanatics – the ones who buy the jerseys, t-shirts, records, who turn their radios loudly when their songs come on, the ones who gather around television sets week after week – often can’t afford to see them sing or play.  It’s wrong.  Stars and franchises need to reserve 10% of the tickets to low income fans.


  1. There is something refreshing about seeing a man being vulnerable.

Bruno Mars is bringing begging back (like the songs from my day).  Bruno humbles himself in his songs, admits that he is wrong, in love, and wants his woman.  Women need to hear that and expect that instead of or addition to what a man wants to do to her in bed.

  1. Some kids are too young for concerts.

The woman next to me brought her 6-year-old son to the concert.  She was clearly a huge Bruno Mars fan; yet her son’s body language made clear that he definitely was not.  She kept trying to jostle him into being excited.  He ignored her and rather played on his phone.  I also saw a few people at the end of the concert carrying passed out kids. Why spend so much money buying tickets for kids who won’t appreciate the show?

  1. Teens, you may want to check out the band nerds.

Think about it: the high school jock will most likely never make the pros; and if he does his career most likely will be brief.  A musician can play forever; and something magicial happens when those nerds get on stage.  Suddenly, they are hot!

Excited band

  1. No more pyrotechnics!

Perhaps I am simply old; but there has got to be a better alternative to the explosion effects used at these concerts.  With the challenges we face in real life with gun violence and terrorist attacks, hearing gun sounds unexpectedly throughout the convert was unsettling.

  1. Nothing is more unifying than music

At almost every concert I attend lately, there is always a moment where I look around and feel awash with hope.  Only there do you see a 55 year old White woman, 15 year old Black guy, 32 year old Muslim-American mouthing the same words to a song that they all love.  Music unifies!

My intention is for Black people to love themselves and each other. It sounds somewhat silly, I guess; but oftentimes my people are overwhelmed with negative images, bad news, and stereotyped characters about us. I’d like to flip that script. I’d like to remind us, as often as I can, how incredible we are. Read more


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