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Has Nasty Become Your New Normal?

Sometimes you just gotta let shit go. When I say let it go, I don’t mean forget. I mean just decide that it will not steal your ability to be happy. Here is the thing… In life “Shit Happens” constantly. If we consistently let everything that happens cause us to become upset, unfocused, mean, spiteful, weary, pitiful or just emotionally distraught we will miss out on all of the goodness that is around. It’s easy to get gobbled up in the negative (I am guilty), you have many to commiserate with (misery LOVES company). However.. stay with me now, if we go through each day conscious of this we can also be conscious of how we are CHOOSING to react or NOT react the negativity.
I recently had a situation where someone I have known for years and have been a loyal customer of their business behaved particularly out of character with me. Now mind you, I have supported this person’s business for years, never asking for special prices, referring numerous others, driving long distances, truly a fan of their talent. Now, apparently they had a slow/bad week/day/month before my latest attempt to patronize their business, because when I went to patronize I was treated as if I had peed in their cornflakes. I got service that was so curt and short you would have thought we were strangers not people who had conducted business together without incident for over 10 years.
Now, the old 2016/2017 and before Kisha would have engaged in the negative tone with some attitude and choice words of my very own. But, because I have realized that I have options on EVERYTHING in my life.. I get to CHOOSE how I am going to respond or in some cases NOT respond. So instead I simply allowed that person to live in their negative space and when they were finished I offered them this, “I am sorry, it seems that you are having a bad time. I think you are tremendously talented and I wish you well in your future endeavors.” I checked out of their negativity, their nasty tone instead of checking in.
You see, I am in control of me these days and I am choosing to VIBRATE HIGHER! Several life changing events in the past few years have caused me to re-evaluate things, situations and people. I want to BE BETTER, to DO BETTER, and truthfully I want to be surrounded by those that are working towards the same. So these days I try not to engage in negative behaviors and if I do find myself slipping, I am quick to correct myself and redirect my energy.
Life is complicated, and ugly enough without any of us helping it. Let us be conscious and kind to each other. Seek the BEST parts of ourselves, support and encourage others. I believe in us ALL…I really do. We are better than what we are doing. Ask yourself…
“Has NASTY become your new normal? ..VIBRATE HIGHER.
                          Kisha Wiley


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