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Beyonce out here showing her A$$.. and I am here for it!


           For so long women ,especially black woman have been regulated to one-dimensional beings.Our sexuality is policed by society and everybody thinks it is community property. EVERYBODY got an opinion on black women. Our bodies,our hair, our clothes( or lack thereof)..EVERYTHING! Back in 2013 Beyoncé told y’all “I’M A GROWN WOMAN.I can do whatever I want!” but noooo…  didn’t want to accept that . We wanted her to be what we needed her to be and unfortunately that was ..damn near perfect. This happens time and time again with us.

  We deem our female superstars perfect. Expect them to live up to expectations that are unrealistic, unfair and frankly sometimes boring.Then when they don’t/can’t meet we are disappointed and take it personally, like a mother whose child forgot their speech on Easter Sunday. Because our own lives aren’t perfect we project those expectations on to them.Our mothers didn’t want to believe that DIANA had that child out-of-wedlock with Berry, we didn’t want to believe OUR WHITNEY liked the drugs, and now QUEEN BEY.. showing her ass .. clutch your pearls.

      Now, from all I have heard or seen as a card-carrying member of the BEYHIVE, momma Tina has raised BOTH her girls to be respectful, smart, empathetic, polite beautiful inside and out women. Bey made it through the industry as a teenager and in her 20‘s with NO SCANDALS!! How many of us can say the same?? be honest ??I was at Freaknick, Mardi gras, black college weekend in Daytona Beach, Cancun memorial day weekend and Essence fest with some of y’all sooo…..just be glad there were no camera phones then, and Let BEYONCE live y’all..goddamn. The chile has survived her crazy ass daddy acting a fool on her mother, her husband temporarily losing his mind and forgetting who the hell she is, a miscarriage, THE ELEVATOR, Adele stealing her award,bad movies, and twins all with TREMENDOUS grace.She is now in a happy place. We all know when you get on the other side of the storm sometimes you go a little crazy know cut all your hair off, get a tattoo, something to celebrate making it through the valley half way sane. BEY decided to show that perfect black girl ass that she literally works her ass off to get.

    How bout we finally embrace ALL of what makes the black girl magic…we are magical BECAUSE of our multidimensional abilities..the ability to be chameleon like is our SUPERPOWER! We are beautiful and regal in our clothes, naked, imperfections,mistakes and flaws. It is my hope that we become a lot less judgemental of each other for superficial things and look deeper into the heart and soul of each other… because that my sisters is where the magic lies.  

Peace and Blessings


Free thinking, multi dimensional woman adjusting my crown and getting back on my throne 👸🏿


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