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No, Omarosa Still Isn’t Invited to the Barbeque


Not ‘nere one of you, betta come up to me asking fo’ some aluminum foil ‘cause you done made a plate to take to Omarosa from our BBQ.  She gets not one rib or a scoop of potato salad, do you hear me?  Omarosa was voted out a long time ago and she hasn’t done a thing to earn her membership.

Yes, she recorded some tapes of Trump; but do you think she did that for us?  Do you think she was getting her “Angela Davis” on and taping Trump for the resistance…for her people?  Nah, Omarosa recorded those tapes for the same reason she does everything –for her benefit.

She is an opportunist; and doesn’t care whom gets hurt while she’s seizing an opportunity.  For years she was his most loyal and vocal African American supporter and defender.  She gave not-one-damn about us when she tried to lend credibility to Trump’s efforts to work with and for Black people (although she had reportedly heard him use the N-Word prior to him even running for office).  As his Director of African America Outreach, she spearheaded the efforts to get Ray Lewis and Steve Harvey to meet with Trump (two other shucking and jiving folks I ain’t trying to see at the function either).

When asked about Trump’s remarks about and treatment of women, Omarosa declared that Trump was simply “too real for the Republican Party.”  The only thing “too real” about a man who advises others to grab a woman’s pu$%y is that it’s real nasty, real illegal, and certainly real un-presidential.  She knew that, yet she silently sat in meeting after meeting.

She was silent after the Trump administration didn’t give the extra monies expected to HBCUs. She was silent after he denigrated people of color and their “shithole” countries.  In June 2017, Trump said 15,000 recent immigrants from Haiti “all have AIDS” and that 40,000 Nigerians, once seeing the United States, would never “go back to their huts” in Africa.”  Even after Charlottesville, perhaps his biggest slap in the face to Black people, she said not one word rebuffing his statements.

She didn’t expose Trump until she was dumped by Trump.

Now, she isn’t just the jilted girlfriend.  She is the jilted girlfriend of the man she took from you after he was cheating on you with her; now the guy dogged her too and she wants to be your best friend.  Nah, Boo.  You got what you deserved and what we ALL knew (and by we, we mean the Black coalition) knew you would get—played.

Should Trump call Omarosa a dog?  No.  Does his doing so further illustrate that he’s sexist and racist, yes.  But if Omarosa thought his behavior was acceptable when he called the mothers of NFL players “bitches” (female dogs) then she’s demonstrated to me that she has no problem with the moniker.

I’ve got as much love for Omarosa as I do for the flies that I know will be zig-zagging around my over-filled plate of food at our BBQ.  Actually, I’d share with them before I would with her. Shoo Omarosa!

My intention is for Black people to love themselves and each other. It sounds somewhat silly, I guess; but oftentimes my people are overwhelmed with negative images, bad news, and stereotyped characters about us. I’d like to flip that script. I’d like to remind us, as often as I can, how incredible we are. Read more


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