FACEBOOK ????????

Why do you wish someone a “happy birthday” on FB when they don’t have a FB account? If you are having the “time of your life” at the event how or why did you take 167 pictures in those 2 hours? Baby, if you are so sick, particularly those of you who complain about your splitting migraine headache or the constant vomiting, why in the hell would you want to be reading or typing on FB?

Band of Kings -Selma, the Movie

I would like to see the movie, Selma, again — five years from now. I would guess – no, let me say that I pray, that I can appreciate it more then. Don’t get me wrong, Selma is an outstanding movie; I just wasn’t able to appreciate it the way it deserves to be appreciated. It’s like going to a 5 star restaurant when you are already full. Last week, I couldn’t see the movie cleanly: without the heaviness of all that has been occurring with race relations on my shoulders, the fog of fear in my eyes, and weight of weariness in my heart.

We Don’t Need Another Hero

I just finished watching the Whitney Houston movie. From reports, her family was very upset about the portrayal, particularly the documentation of her drug abuse. Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law released the following statement:

Not Everyone Got Off The Bus

She seemed to be dressed for church, not a protest. Her hat, winter coat, and plaid dress spoke of class. Her bone straight posture, cat-eyed glasses and the way she defiantly stared out of that bus window, spoke of her strength. That image of Rosa Parks on the front of the bus in Montgomery, Alabama has become the omnipresent image of the civil rights movement.

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Randi is a diversity and inclusion strategist, speaker, trainer and writer, focusing on making connections and cultivating empathy in this diverse world one trip, speech, article, book and conversation at a time.

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