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Shining a light on racial, gender, and cultural issues in the United States, Randi focuses on fostering real, open dialogue to get people talking. 

With her unique ability to emcee these uncomfortable conversations, she’s able to get us to to better understand each other to foster empathy and create unity in our diverse world. 

From one-on-one strategy development, guest appearances, and speaker opportunities, Randi brings 20 years of business ownership, corporate training, and a lifetime of experiences to the table. ​

Author • Speaker • Trainer • Diversity + Inclusion Strategist



Randi B. helps organizations and people create spaces where each person feels safe, valuable and that they belong.



Providing strategic communication guidance for diversity issues in the workplace



Designing, developing and delivering diversity and inclusivity training programs


guest appearances

Political and cultural commentator

author of Neversays™

Neversays™ starts the conversation. It is a compilation of terms and phrases you should never say. 
The book gives you practical information and a knowledge-base on how to communicate with one another.
Randi’s talks and book readings provide additional insight on these issues and provide actionable steps to communicate better.

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