Let’s be honest… that man wasn’t worth a food stamp!


Outside: Let’s be honest… that man wasn’t worth a food stamp!
Inside: But i understand that often times after a break-up, we aren’t mourning the man that was, but who we thought he could be. The investment we made that never gave us any returns. We’ve all done it. You aren’t dumb or weak. You are just human. And humans, especially strong women like you, heal. We bounce back and come back better, wiser and stronger. So, while you are hurting now, know the pain isn’t forever. And i will be here for as long as it takes for you to get to the other side of it. Love you, sis!

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Beatnik24 Greeting Cards — Real cards for real life.

Each card can be shipped directly to your recipient along with a note, or shipped to you with an envelope for your own personal delivery (you can specify during checkout).

Cards measure in at 4″x6,” and are printed on ecologically-conscious 100% recycled paper.


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