180 Million – Sense = A Hot Mess



I have broken into an apartment to retrieve gifts; I have watched tires get slashed; I have been on a “stake-out; I have followed a car; I have stayed up a full 24 hours assisting with more internet “investigations” than some FBI agents — all in the name of supporting girlfriends who were scorned by their boyfriends.


When some women have given her heart, time, body and money to a man and he dogs her—watch out-IT’S ON! This is not some Gweneth Paltrow “conscious uncoupling” bullshit; this is conscious unASSEMBLING (of a man’s life). You hurt her, so she is going to destroy you. PERIOD.


I have seen normal, God-fearing, loving, law -abiding women go bat-shit crazy when a man has scorned them. So, I am completely shocked that, from reading the comments sections of articles, it seems upwards of half of people feel as if it’s cool for Marie Holmes, the woman who won $188 million Powerball Jackpot, to bail her boyfriend out of jail twice by paying a total of $9 million bond.


Are you kidding me?


I believe in standing by your man–Bonnie and Clyde-style.  But, I’m not ridin’ for someone who hasn’t proven that they are ridin’ for me.  Lamarr, is Marie’s BOYFRIEND. Did you hear what I said, “BOYFRIEND.” He doesn’t love her enough to put a ring on it. He hasn’t made a real commitment to her.  They are kickin’ it. Odds are that they will NOT be together five years from now, but she has spent nine million dollars on just getting him out of jail? Can you imagine when this Negro tries to break up with her; cheats on her; hell, refuses to watch the movie she wants to see? It’s ON! The bond he has on his head is more than he thinks.


Let’s be real, all of us have been in situations where a man has treated us less well than we like, and we are first to start rattling off what we have done for him. Hand on hip, leaning to one side, we start, “Let me get this straight—I have cleaned your nasty ass clothes, cooked every day this week, had a baby for you and you can’t come with me to my mom’s church’s anniversary? “


Can you imagine how this woman, Marie, is going to feel when Lamarr is gone—along with her nine million dollars?   Think about it because I don’t see them growing old together. Let’s be real.


On another note, many of the comments have pointed out that it is Marie’s money so she should be able to do with it what she wants. Technically, you are right. And technically, it is our right to talk about what a dumb ass she is.   Can you imagine how life changing that 9 million could have been to her four kids and to future generations? She couldn’t have bought a McDonald’s or some other business, instead she bought some temporary penis. I’m sorry—she’s sad to me.


Marie is a millionaire now and she sill thinks that she is worthless. She still thinks that all she deserves is a man who isn’t committed to her, who is a convicted felon, who is a repeat criminal (and I won’t even ask why he is still hustling).


Everyone keeps saying that the next news story about Marie will be that she is broke. I’m betting that the next story will be something similar to how Marie has beat Lamarr’s butt with her pocketbook and a chair in the middle of a TGI Fridays – after he was caught with some other chick sharing hot wings and potato skins. She’ll then be the one in jail, with no one to pay her bail.

rer020215i/metro/02.02.2015/Roberto E. Rosales APD officers taped a parking lot where a woman was shot outside the TGIF parking lot on the westside next to Cottonwood mall. Albuquerque, New Mexico(Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal)

2 Responses

  1. This chic had four kids by two different men and lived with her mama, all before the age of 30….. so you hand her 90 million dollars, after taxes because she took the lump sum, and you think she’s going to do something different????

    You are doggone skippy she is going to pay and also get this fool out of jail and NO, they won’t be together …..but somebody needs to step in her life real quick and straighten this mess up! She’s going to end up broke…

    Problem is, the people who can really help her the most she probably won’t listen to.

  2. Well she certainly received provisions although a fool and her money are soon separated…or something like that!!!!!!!!!!!

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