Ummm… Really Cosmo?

Dear Cosmopolitan Magazine,


You’ve “taught” me 40 ways to improve my orgasms;  provided me with exercises to lift my butt, and told me the best sunglasses for my face shape; so now I really need for you to explain why you tagged the Kardashians, the “The First Family” and put that moniker and their picture on the cover of your magazine.

cosmo cover

The term “The First Family” is the name historically used for the family of the President of the United States, who is both head of state and head of government of the United States. Members of the First Family consist of the President, the First Lady of the United States, and any of their children.


Now, I know that Cosmo is a far cry from Newsweek or Time; but even you should know the current President of the United States is President Barack Obama.  He and his wife of 23 years, Michelle Obama and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha are the First Family.  This is not a debatable fact.  If you don’t like them, you can judge them, you can even use negative adjectives to describe them, but while Barack Obama is in office, they are, indeed, the First Family.


Look, there have been presidents in office whom I haven’t been fond of; but I still referred to them by their proper name and to their families by theirs.  That’s the appropriate thing to do.

You are Cosmo–I know. I shouldn’t take you too seriously, of course.  You are the magazine that taught us the 25 best foods to use during sex; however, your cover pissed me off, quite frankly.  You equated one family who has primarily used their vaginas to get ahead to one who has used their brains.  You equated one of the world’s most lauded, respectable, and accomplished families with one of the world’s most scandalized families.  First Lady Michelle Obama went to Princeton; Kim Kardashian just went to somebody’s bed (are you teaching your young female readers that these choices are equally good?  Make a sex tape kiddos–you too can be the First Lady!). You slapping a title on the Kardashians is no more decent than when Ray J was slapping Kim on her ass during their infamous sex tape.


Obviously you have no respect for President Obama and his family, The First Family.  That’s unfortunate. Is it his politics or did his race come into play (you know you have had race issues before Cosmo, so don’t act surprised by the question)?  Would you have done the same cover were our President White?  Since President Obama has been in office,  the media has repeatedly referred to him by his first name or simply as Mr. Obama.  So stripping the Obamas of a proper title isn’t new or entirely shocking.

What’s even a greater problem however, though I’m sure it wasn’t your intention, is that you disrespected the office, the role, and our country.  You didn’t elevate the Kardashians, but just denigrated the the office and the United States.


I’m not Catholic, but the Pope is still Holy Father.  I’m not just going to start calling Snoop Dog your Holiness out of respect for Pope Francis, the Catholic Church and myself.  You should respect the highest office of the American government, regardless how how you feel about the man, his race or his family.  But, clearly respect isn’t really your thing.

obamas and pope


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