KellyAnne Conway, Stank Feet & What WE Bet Not Do

Thanks to KellyAnne Conway, for the past 48 hours, little Black girls and boys across the United States are being dragged in front of TVs and computer monitors by their grandmas, moms and dads to receive yet another lesson in their “Being Black in America” curriculum.

Ya’ll know I ain’t lying.  Anytime White folks do something ignorant or inappropriate, Black children suffer.  It may have been a White person who got stopped doing 90 in a 25 mph zone, or died skiing backwards on a forbidden mountain path, or got caught sniffing glue in the janitor’s closet; but Black children are hearing an earful:

Don’t you think you can do what Brody just did.

White people are different.  They like to play with death.  You are Black.  Everyday living is playin’ with death.

You know you can’t get away with what he did.  Your butt would be in jail.  

Every Black child has gotten into huge trouble because of the way a White kid talked to his mother:

Boy, don’t you think you can EVER talk to me the way that child talks to his mother.  I wanted to beat his ass for her.

I immediately flinched when I saw KellyAnne Conway, dressed in a burgundy dress, perched with her legs spread open and her feet on a couch in the White House’s revered Oval House.  I flinched, of course, because the picture is so strikingly inappropriate.  But I also reacted because I knew that Black mommas and daddies were going to break that situation down to the marrow to ensure that their Black child never was fool enough to act as base as KellyAnne Conway.

My momma’s “lesson” would go a little something like this:

First of All.. (Anytime something starts with first of all, it’s going to be bad . . . and longggg)

Ladies in dresses keep their legs closed.  Why is this woman putting her va-jay-jay on display like it’s a purse at Nordstrom?  She’s nasty.  You hear me, Randi?  That girl is nasty.


Did she forget that she is at work?  This is how a 1st grader sits in circle time; not how an adult sits at her job.


A job in the highest office in the United States in its most lauded location

And it Just Shows…

How little damn respect she has for her position, the President of the United States, and the Oval Office.

But Most Importantly…

It shows how little respect she has for those Black Presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities at the meeting.  Her body language and behavior clearly indicate a lack of respect for men who have achieved the highest levels of education and achievement.  But in this trollop’s mind, they are still Black so she is acting like she’s in the middle of a playground with snotty-nosed 5-year-olds playing Duck-Duck-Goose instead of in the middle of the Oval Office in the White House meeting with people who are more educated than her boss.

So, you see as I ALWAYS tell you…

White folks can do whatever the hell they want — or at least they think so.  Don’t you think that you can get away with sitting spread eagle on a couch in your boss’ office.  It may not be fair; but we only deal with what’s real up in this house.  You bet not EVAH shame yourself, your family, or your people by acting like you ain’t been raised.

Now go-on.  I love you, but remember sometimes this world won’t.

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