NFL: Guess Who May Be Coming to Dinner?

So Jerry Richardson got himself caught up in the #metoo movement and got busted for some creeper ish.  Demanding that female staffers give him foot massages, brushing their breasts when he would “buckle them in” and offering to shave their legs is all kinds of shady.  So now he has to sell his NFL team, the Carolina Panthers.  In the wake of Spacey, Hoffman, Seagal, Weinstein and Simmons (yes, Russell – you too) the Richardson news was not that exciting.

What WAS more exciting – and potentially groundbreaking – would be the first Black ownership group of an NFL franchise.  Puff-Daddy / P-Diddy was the first to throw his hat into the ring.  He was soon followed by Steph Curry and then by Colin Kaepernick in raising their hands in interest.  How awesome would it be to have a Black NFL owner?  And how ironic would it be for the face of an NFL franchise to be framed by the very Afro and defiant stance that shook the league over the past two years?

It got me to thinking, which other Brothers and Sisters would I love to see in the owner’s box (and why)? 

LeBron James.  Already the King on one professional sports league.  Why not make him the king of two?

Beyonce.  She has already retired as MVP of multiple Super Bowl Half-Time shows.  Like a “player-coach” she could be the first “performer-owner.”

Jim Brown.  The original ROCK of the NFL and one of the best players of all time.

Denzel Washington.  I want my owner to look like that!

Ghost (from Power).  I want my owner to look like that too – and I bet he makes contract negotiations go smoothly (especially if he calls Tommy).

Dave Chappelle.  Would love to see him clown the other owners.  Especially the owner of the Houston Texans (Bob McNair) with his “inmates” comment.

Cookie (from Empire).  Don’t start none, won’t be none.

Oprah.  Because she truly has the dough and could absolutely do it if she wanted.  She burps and $100K falls out.

And finally, we’re back to Kaep.  Yes, Kaep–who could fine any player who does NOT kneel for the anthem.  I call that some sweeeeeet justice.

Real talk, I’m just happy to see that we are moving from an employee mentality to an ownership mentality.  We’re no longer satisfied just being the consumer . . . we’re ready to own the damn store!









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