Invitation Indignation

Facebook provides us with a quick glance into our friends’ and families’ most exciting times. We get to see the outrageous to the elegant: the décor, the fashion, the antics and the venue. We get a small thrill, a mini-mind vacation, from this voyage into someone else’s

FACEBOOK ????????

Why do you wish someone a “happy birthday” on FB when they don’t have a FB account? If you are having the “time of your life” at the event how or why did you take 167 pictures in those 2 hours? Baby, if you are so sick, particularly those of you who complain about your splitting migraine headache or the constant vomiting, why in the hell would you want to be reading or typing on FB?

About Randi B.

Randi is a diversity and inclusion strategist, speaker, trainer and writer, focusing on making connections and cultivating empathy in this diverse world one trip, speech, article, book and conversation at a time.

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