Us Series: Raven & Justin

Raeven: We went to Times Square to see the ball drop this New Year’s Eve. It’s an exciting one for us because we are starting a new chapter in our lives.

Justin: A chapter we hope never ends. I put a ring on it!

Raeven: It’s funny how we met. I had just told my best friend that I was sick of the single scene. I was just going to focus on making paper. The next man was going to have to come find me. That night after a party, a bunch of us were talking, Justin kept looking at me. I had been drinking so I snapped, ‘What are you looking at?

Justin: I told her that I was looking at her. She’s gorgeous— beautiful.

Raeven: So after we all talk some more he says that he should drive me home bc I had been drinking. I’m thinking ‘boy, I don’t know you!’ But he knew a lot of people I knew so one of our friends drove my car home and he drove me home. 

Justin: I watched her walk in and made sure she got in safely. 

Raeven: The next morning I was trying to remember the name of the guy who drove me home. I walked outside to do something and there he was – asleep in his car. 

Justin: I knew as soon as I saw her and heard her talking that she was special. I wanted to protect her immediately. Once I got her home safely, I realized how tired I was but didn’t want to disrespect her by asking to come in. So I thought I would just take a short nap. Wrong! 

Raeven: We’ve been together ever since. My best friend said, ‘I guess he found you!’

Raeven and Justin are planning a wedding for 2020. They’ve already been working to blend the families; and their children are just as happy as they are.

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