Quick Thoughts on Brandy Verzuz Monica

I, along with 1.2 million others tuned into the Brandy verzuz Monica event.  Here are my quick and dirty reactions. This is just light, silly stream of conscious fun. If you da type that gonna act like Suge Knight protecting one of his acts—please don’t read any further. 

The music took me BACK – way back to my high school years when we used to slow-drag in the funky gym during our dances. It took me back to when love was innocent, when there was no internet or cellphones, when kissing was a big deal. It took me back to a time when my problems were a lot smaller.

  I especially thought about my first boyfriend Marcus who had a White CRX with personalized plate that said Im Down (in deference to Brandy’s song).  Older White folks would walk up to him and ask him if he wanted to talk (cause they took the “down” as meaning depressed!). Real story!

  • Monica won hands down in the outfit department. Brandy didn’t quite pull-off her flower child, Cree Summer look.

  • Speaking of child – why did Brandy tell her child to block her ears and eyes?  The “child” is 18!  At that age she has heard and seen far worse! Brandy was a lil’ too “clutch the pearls” for me. Are we really stressed about cursing?! Ya’ll’s  fans are grown. We can hang wit a few curse words.
  • Brandy makes songs for your boyfriend.  Monica makes song for dat Negro who’s a habit you just can’t shake.
  • I thought it was cute that they were both clearly nervous early on.
  • I can’t get over how young they both were when they were stars.  Monica was 12 when Like This and Like That came out! WOW! That’s crazy!! Can you imagine?! What were you doing at 12? I couldn’t even manage my acne–much less a career.
  • They both have amazing voices. We cannot deny that. Them women can sang — still – after voice changes and eeerthing.
  • They should do a new duet.  Get that money!
  • Brandy wit her poems was kinda annoying….maybe had she just done one it woulda be alright.  I’ont know…Seem like she had a whole Love Jones vibe going on and it wasn’t dat time of gig. You feel me?

  • If I got to choose which one to hang with – Monica would win.  Her vibe seems cooler. She seems more real and fun. 
  • I KNEW Ray J was gonna make an appearance. He just don’t seem the type to miss an opportunity to be seent… (yes seent). I sho wish Mase would’ve shown up!
  • Maturity has taught them to be friendly; but they definitely ain’t friends.  THEY DEFINITELY AIN’T FRIENDS. Monica seemed to have a slight tude all night. Whatever was up with them back in the day –Monica ain’t truly over.

  • I ain’t really like when Brandy was tryin to get Monica to teach her to click her tongue. Seem like she was trying to say that Monica was less classy. I on’t know.
  • There was just too much talking. I wanted more singing. Badu and Scott talked a lot but their vibe was genuine and natural. Brandy and Monica don’t vibe so there convos didn’t either. I felt downright uncomfortable at some points and just wanted them to sing and make us feel good.
  • Why in the hell did they need a 2-minute break. They didn’t do nothin. What in the hell were they tired from? They sat down the whole damn time essentially.
  • I know folks gonna be big mad at this one – but this one was the least entertaining of all the verzuz to me(through enjoyed it; and I am thankful for each one).  Brandy and Monica are singers — not performers. I couldn’t believe that they sat almost the entire time. Damn! There was more chair dancing than at an aerobic class in an old folks home.  My old ass danced more than they did and I was just watching! 
  • I waited almost three hours to hear “The Boy is Mine,” only for Monica to get sudden amnesia and said she ain’t know the words. Oh -da- Petty! 

All in all, it was nice to go down memory lane and to see the Sistas sharing their talents and love with us (though I don’t think there’s any love between them). These Verzuz battles have given me life; and I’m appreciative of both Sistas. I hope that they continue to thrive!

So, who do we wanna see next?  Chris Brown vs. Usher?  Dru Hill vs. Jodeci?  Sad Mary J. Blige vs HappyMary J Blige? What Chu think?

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