Us Series: Ashley

I moved to Texas from Turks & Caicos in 2013. Since then I think my greatest accomplishments have been getting a basketball scholarship, pledging Omega Psi Phi, attending some great leadership conferences and buying my first car—my dream car – a Mustang. 

My dad seems more excited about my car than even I am. He brought me here. I definitely try my best to make my father proud.

He gave me the opportunity. I’d never want to disappoint him. He’s a blessing, Man. Some people don’t have their dad and my dad is like my best friend so it ah –– I can’t even describe what it’s like to have that relationship with him and I’m always going to try to make him proud. 

When you come from a place of little opportunity to a place with a lot of opportunity your hunger and drive is bigger. When you come from plenty – plenty is never going to seem like plenty but if you come from little, plenty is going to seem like plenty – ya know? When you have access to so many things all of your life, you feel as if that is the norm but when you come from a place where you don’t even have the opportunities to go to school – when you haven’t had the resources and opportunities – you are twice as appreciative.

I make the most out of every opportunity I get because there was a time I didn’t have any.

-Ashley, 23

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Randi is a diversity and inclusion strategist, speaker, trainer and writer, focusing on making connections and cultivating empathy in this diverse world one trip, speech, article, book and conversation at a time.

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